ColbaNet Internet

Surf the Web faster

up to 50 Mbps download
up to 10 Mbps upload
unlimited Data Transfer
no throttling
  • Enjoy streaming video right on your computer
  • Download your favourite music, videos and other large files quickly
  • Take care of your shopping and banking online whenever it’s convenient for you

Since 2007, ColbaNet installed its own equipment in nine Bell Canada central offices on the island of Montreal. This project is being conducted according to the CRTC’s competition policies and principles.Thanks to its installations, we are able to offer a unique service: Unlimited residential ADSL2+ internet access without throttling for as little as $20 per month. The speed can reach up to 24 Mb/s downstream and up to 1 Mb/s upstream depending on the distance from the central office to the customer’s location. For areas not covered by the ADSL2+ service, ColbaNet offers FTTN/VDSL with speed up to 50 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream without throttling. In 2014, ColbaNet has launched its own fiber network in Montreal. That offering includes fiber deployment inside the building. With more than one hundred direct fiber clients, we are able to offer Internet speed up to a symmetrical 1 GB/s without any throttling.