Serve your clients faster, be more productive and react faster to market trends. Whatever your need may be, ColbaNet has a solution. The ColbaNet connection gives you access the resources you need, at the speed you need.

ServiceDownload up toUpload up toData transferMonthly
(no contract)
(one year contract)
FTTN-VDSL 16/116 Mbps1 Mbps500 GB$54,95$44,95
VDSL 25/10 500 GB25 Mbps10 Mbps500 GB$64,95$54,95
VDSL 25/10 unlimited25 Mbps10 Mbpsunlimited*$69,95$59,95
VDSL 50/10 unlimited50 Mbps10 Mbpsunlimited*$74,95$84,95