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(one year contract)*
(one year contract)
(no contract)
up to 24 Mbpsup to 1Mbpsunlimited$29,95$34,95$44,95
Check ADSL2+ availability
Please, enter your Zip Code and check your availability. The closer you are from our ADSL2+ central office, greater are the chances that you reach 24 Mbps. ADSL2+ service is unlimited and without throttling !

* The prepaid pricing is valid for new customers only
-You will need an ADSL2+ compatible modem
-Telephones must be connected through ADSL filters $6.95 each (1 included if you purchase a modem)
-Static IP are available starting at $6.00 per month

-The current rates are given for connection on an analog telephone line
-Service cancellation: 30-day notice
-Contract cancellation fee: 50% of the remainder

Costs Summary

One time fees

Activation fees$50.00

Modem/Router*$99.95 $49.95

Total (before taxes)$99.95

*SagemCom 2864  1 year warranty
**Shipping fees if applicable: $10.00 + taxes

Monthly payments
(one year contract)


Dry Loop*$9.95

Total (before taxes)$44.90

*Dry loop (if required) 

Annual payments
(one year contract)

ADSL2+ ($29.95 x 12) $359.40

Dry Loop* ($9.95 x 12)$119.40

Total (before taxes)$478.80

*Dry Loop if required

Monthly payments
(no contract)


Dry Loop*$9.95

Total (before taxes)$54.90

*Dry Loop if required

514-856-3500 option 1

Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.