ColbaNet strategy for large buildings

Colba.Net has put in place a corporate strategy to approach companies that manage large multi-tenant buildings. Currently, we have deployed our fiber in a dozen buildings in downtown Montreal. As a result, we have deployed more than 20.5KM of optical fiber and our goal is to deploy 31.5KM. We are open to other deployments wherever there is a conclusive business case. Therefore, our strategy is to deploy optical fiber in commercial buildings, multi-unit (new or existing) and co-properties in order to offer our services along the way of our fiber route (see map). Our packages are very competitive and can add value to your business. Some of our important customers have Internet links with asymmetrical 1Gb speed.

For more information, please contact:

Tonny Mancini
Business Development Manager
Phone: 514-856-3500 ext : 2233
Cell: 514-943-5334
Fax: 514-856-9506