ColbaNet Telecom Inc

Founded in 1996, Colba.Net Inc has been offering high-speed Internet service provided by a DSL-based broadband access network, Voice Over IP, IPTV, Web hosting and Internet cable access. Since 2007, Colba.Net has implemented its own equipment in nine telephone central offices (CO) of Bell Canada in Montreal to offer ADSL2+ Internet access. This enables the Company to offer speeds of up to 24 Mbit/s downstream and up to 1 Mbit/s upstream. This allows Colba.Net to compete directly against Bell and Videotron offers.
In 2014, ColbaNet has launched his own twenty kilometers fiber network in Montreal. With more than one hundred direct fiber clients, ColbaNet offers Internet speed up to 1GO symmetrical. So, this is a pure fiber connection FTTH. The Company now competes head to head with large established telecommunications providers and is able to gain commercial traction because Colba.Net does not impose any throttling at a highly competitive price.

Meet the Team

We are proud to present our professional team. They are always at your service

Michel Poissant

Vice President and CFO

Joseph Bassili

President and Chief Executive Officer

Louis Lamarre

Operations Director